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WANG Qingfeng, Director of Sino-Africa Joint Research Center, Gave a Lecture at PAS
On March 7, Professor WANG Qingfeng gave a lecture at PAS, titled ¡°Sino-Africa Joint Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Cooperation & Opportunities¡±. Professor WANG is the director of Sino-Africa Joint Research Center (SAJOREC), he is a prominent figure in the field of biology.

The lecture was hosted by SONG Wei, Dean of PAS, the audience comprised of Kathryn Barker, Professor from Sultan Qaboos University; LIU Yinghua, Director of the PAS International Affairs Office; Chinese students; and International Students - primarily representing ¡°One Belt One Road¡± route countries.

First, Professor WANG introduced some basic information and recent developments on SAJOREC. Founded in May 2013, SAJOREC was established under the frame of CAS¡¯s Developing Countries Science & Education Cooperation Program. The research center is located at JKUAT, Kenya, and the host institute is Wuhan Botanical Garden of CAS. It is the first comprehensive science and education institute for which the Chinese government has provided overseas funding.

Next, professor WANG shared details of SAJOREC¡¯s planning, preparation, and S&T. He listed the Center¡¯s achievements in conserving biodiversity, eco-environment construction, controlling desertification, research in virus transmission, sustainable use of water and soil resources, modernized agriculture etc. He reported on the progress of SAJOREC research directions, talent training, cooperation projects, opening and exchange, platform construction, as well as a number of future expectations.

Professor WANG indicated that SAJOREC¡¯s work was closely tied to the ¡°One Belt One Road¡± initiative, especially in the government¡¯s strategic planning in Africa, food safety and personal health.

The audience was quite interested in Professor WANG¡¯s lecture. In the Q&A section, many international students asked questions about Chinese diplomacy, the importance of ¡°One Belt One Road¡± to Africa, S&T development and infrastructure in Africa, disease prevention, and the effects of climate change on Africa¡¯s crops and population volume. Professor WANG answered all the questions in detail, which helped students better understand the ¡°One Belt One Road¡± initiative.

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